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Welcome to the SD PECC Network

Our hope is that, as a Pediatric Emergency Care Coordinator, you can focus at least 4 hours per month to improve pediatric care in  your emergency department.  

By advocating and focusing on pediatric  initiatives that are important to you and your ED,  we anticipate that you will find this role to be progressively more rewarding as your hospital achieves


Suggestions to get started: 

1. Designate a Pediatric Emergency Care Coordinator 

2. Request and review your hospital gap analysis 

  1. Contact Corolla for your gap analysis report

3. Pick at least one or more potential projects as your start your PECC role

  • Inter-facility transfer guidelines and agreements
  • Pediatric Disaster planning  
  • Quality Improvement 
  • Improve pediatric equipment, supplies and medications 
  • etc....  see templates and resources: https://www.sdemsc.org/templates-resources 
  • Advocate and document weight in Kg vs pounds, or the use of a length based taped medication dosing system
  • Encourage a family centered environment

4. Pediatric Readiness survey begins in June 2020.  

5. Review the AAP's Policy Statement : Pediatric Readiness in the Emergency Department   https://pediatrics.aappublications.org/content/pediatrics/142/5/e20182459.full.pdf

 Our goal is to prepare you for SUCCESS!