Templates & Resources

Order NOW! New Broselow Tape

Changes to the 2019 tape reflect the updated AHA guidelines for pediatric resuscitation

National Pediatric Readiness White Paper

Progress made and efforts to continue pediatric health in the emergency department.

Video - Why you should be prepared for little patients!

Video series created by Marianne Gausche-Hill, MD, FACEP, FAAP and Noah Wiley discussing the national effort to improve preparedness of emergency departments .

Pediatric Emergency Care Coordinator

Emergency departments who have a coordinator(s) dedicated to the care of pediatric patients are more prepared .

Inter-facility Transfer Guidelines

Pre-planning for a pediatric transfer will ensure a safe and timely inter-facility transports.

Pediatric Readiness and Mortality Impact

In-hospital mortality decreases in critically ill children in ED's with a higher pediatric readiness scores

Inter-hospital Transfers:American College of Surgeons "Orange Book"

Inter-hospital Transfers Chapter 4, pages 30 -40

Inter-Facility Transfer Agreements Tool Kit

Transfer agreement templates

Guidelines for Improving Pediatric Patient Safety in the ED

Resources for the unique needs of pediatric care and safety

Umbilical Vein Kit

Equipment considerations for umbilical vein kit

Death of a Child in the Emergency Department

The death of a child in the ED is medically complex and emotionally challenging. The AAP provides resources for dealing with pediatric death before, during and after in the ED setting.

Recognizing Child Abuse

These online tools help health care providers to distinguish between accidental and intentional injuries. 2 CEU's available

Weighing in KILOGRAMS

Weighing pediatric patients in kilograms is essential in calculating medications dosages and reducing med errors.

CT Imaging guidelines

TBI's - to scan or not to scan

Trauma Patients

Trauma Flow Sheet for Emergency Departments EMS Transport Plans: samples : Mobridge Vermillion