Physician Coordinator for Pediatrics

Roles and Responsibilities:

The role of a Physician Pediatric ED Coordinator is diverse and you may serve one or more of these responsibilites by overseeing pediatric specific duties;
  • Promote and verify adequate skill and knowledge of all ED staff physicians and other ED health care providers ( physician assistant and advanced practice nurses)
  • Participate in ED pediatric
    • QI/PI
    • Patient safety, injury and illness prevention and clinical care activities 
  • Assist with development and review of: 
    • policies and procedures 
    • standards for medications, equipment  and supplies for children of all ages 
  • Facilitate pediatric emergency care education 
    • Competency evaluations by all staff  
    • Disaster/emergency preparedness planning that includes children 
  • Ensure adequate staffing, medications, equipment, supplies and other resources  for children in the ED