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October 15th, 2019


DATE: 10/15/19
TIME: 3 p.m. – 5:00 p.m. CDT

Call In: 605-357-1466

Members Present: Corolla Lauck, Dr. Jared Friedman, Diane Hall, Rachel Lamfers, Marty Link, Karla Nygren, Brian Owens (by phone), Sandy Frentz


  1. Champions for Pediatrics

    1. Emergency Departments – 16 CAH’s signed up to date.
    2. EMS agencies 56 EMS agencies on board to date. Offering a pediatric skills and scenarios book as an incentive.

The book offers scenarios and skills validation with check-off list to help agencies.

  1. National Pediatric Readiness assessment 
    1. Assisting ED’s and pediatric preparedness – Corolla will let people know in advance that they survey is coming out prior to the assessment. We will also help folks realize that they have resources and people that fill roles but maybe not have an official title. We want to help folks give themselves credit for work done. Sometimes terminology is different too, so if we can help folks understand definitions and terminology prior to filling out their surveys.
  1. Pediatric Readiness Awards
    1. Pilot services – 4 EMS agencies participated. Kimball and Black Hills Life Flight have received their awards. Sturgis and Armor will also get awards. We will do a press release once all awards are passed out.
  1. School Emergency Guidelines – the document has been well received by daycares and schools. The resource is printed but can also be printed on-line. We will continue to reach out and share the resource.
  1. Welcome Rapid City Regional – Welcome to Brian Owen from Rapid City Regional.
  1. OTHER


  1. Hospital Recognition Program looking at doing a process similar to the EMS recognition program – more to come in January.
    1. Development
    2. Criteria - ?? 90% or higher score on your pediatric readiness survey
    3. Application
    4. Renewal – consider 3 year cycle like the trauma system cycle

  1. Partnership Reports
  1. SDAHO – Kristen  not present 
  1. EMSC - Corolla  

 Website is up and going. It is a work in progress (sdemcs.org).

Corolla will have a meeting/audit with Dr. Timmerman in the month of November.

  1. Office of Highway Safety – Diane

Grant period is completed and we will be receiving funds for the new grant year.

Diane provided an activity highlight handout to share work being done on pediatric injury prevention education and activities. Work includes:

Art with a Message

Mocktails Mix-off

Conferences and symposiums

Safety fairs and injury prevention activities

School and daycare injury prevention activities

McCrossan’s Boys Ranch

National Night Out

Safety Village Bike Camp

USD Nursing events

USD Autism event

Bike Better Day Camp

Poison Control safety event and color contest

Worked with Midco on multiple PSA’s and digital/social media outreach

Hug Seatbelt program

And more…..

 d. Family Advisory - Rachel 

 Special Needs project – no official name yet. Task force of 8 people have met monthly for the last 6 months. Working on enhancing positive outcomes for medically fragile children.

ABC-SD is partnering with EMS-C on this project. Michael Zuercher is working with the task force to see if there is a way to encompass information for special needs into dispatch information so EMS can work with a medically fragile patient.

Working on an information form and a logo as well as some sort of intake form and program identifiers, trainings for families and professionals, etc to keep the program moving forward.

Really want to work with existing technology to make this program a success. Is Rapid SOS an app that could fit into this project?

They do need to work through some HIPAA concerns.

Want to have a “meet and greet” for EMS personnel and medically fragile families so they can meet in advance and recognize special needs kids/families and also put a face to the project and also decrease stress/anxiety of families and responders.

  1. SD ENA- Karla  

Working on state conference – it is next week. They have numerous breakout sessions. There are a lot of critical access and rural nurses registered to attend

Several members will go to Elk Point to teach ‘Stop the Bleed’ at the end of the month.

SDENA won a national achievement award this year – Congratulations to Karen Kaskie!!!

  1. SD State Trauma – Rebecca; not present 
  1. SD EMS – Marty

2018 surveys targeted elected officials and community leaders. Based on 2018 survey, did 8 community sessions across the state and then developed a brochure on EMS at the state and local levels to help elected officials, city leaders, hospitals understand EMS at the local level and also understand the challenges of EMS and the issues with maintaining an EMS license.

We know that the 128 EMS services in the state right now will be changing over the next years. State is looking at a legislative process (goal 2021) to look at where do we see EMS in 2040 and what do we need to do legislatively over the next several years to get us there. We need to meet in the middle to help EMS agencies in their work.

Naloxone project – given out over 3,000 across the state. Naloxone in the high schools is moving forward with permissive legislation that was done this year. There are schools looking at and requesting doses of naloxone in school.

Helmsley trust – goal is to provide AEDs to all Law Enforcement across the state. The unit will analyze the CPR being administered. Did a roll out of training sessions last week for several communities – goal is to provide 1,200 devices across the state.

Suicide reports from EPR – numbers continue to rise. Looking at how to get that data into the hands of the right people so work can be done at a local level.

  1. SD EMS Training – Ruth: not present
  1. SD EMS Association- Eric: not present 
  1. Avera - Dr. Friedman 

 2 units are up and running back at the behavioral health building with one more unit to come on board soon. The last unit will be available by next summer. Well keep a unit open at Yankton for a while. Opened up a unit at Avera POP for peds/adolescents.

Avera opened a neuro-stoke unit in July. They have a neuro- interventionist

New building at 69th and Louise will open on 10-28-2019.

Addiction center and human performance center will both open in January.

  1. Sanford - Dr. Ryckman: not present

       Sanford Childrens - Holly: not present 

       Sanford Poison - Diane/Corolla

      Vaping – Corolla has approached Dr. Duncan and is also working with Sanford EMS on an   outreach/education piece on vaping

  1. Rapid City Regional - Brian 

New ER open at Rapid City Regional. Looking at developing a secondary pediatric response cart and 2 pediatric procedure carts to expand their capacity to work with peds in the ED.

Looking at changing trauma criteria and adding some specific pediatric criteria based on injury patterns. More to come.

They provide helmets through the “don’t thump your melon” program. Strider Co. provided bikes to schools to teach kids to ride. They have given out over 3,200 helmets to all kindergarten kids as part of the partnership.

  1. Disaster Preparedness/HPP –Sandy

Healthcare Coalition -  focus for this year remains on pediatrics. This is a federal requirement within the program. Corolla continues to support the effort with her knowledge and expertise in the field. The statewide exercise (January/February 2020) will have a pediatric component. All participating healthcare agencies across the state will be required to participate in this exercise.

Sioux Falls Public Health – we have officially entered flu season. There have been 3 confirmed cases of influenza in the state already this season. We are busy with PODs at area schools.

  1. Air Medical - Cedric - not present
  1. Other: Next meeting          January, 21st 15:00 Room #333

Meeting adjourned Minutes respectfully submitted by: Sandy Frentz