Minutes 7/16/2019

SD EMSC Advisory Board Minutes

DATE: 07/16/2019                             

TIME: 3 p.m. – 5:00 p.m.


Call In:  605-357-1466

Attendees Present:

Rebecca Baird, Sandy Frentz, Diane Hall, Rachel Lamfers, Corolla Lauck, Marty Link, Jean McHale

Conference Line Participants:

Kristin Bunt, Karla Nygren

  • PECC - EMS    Pediatric Emergency Care Champion 
  • We are up to 45 champions.  Champions get a certificate and resource books
  • Focus:  PM 02, 03
  • Current: 30% (see detailed list of confirmed designated PECC’s)
  • Goal: 60 % by January 1, 2020 Launched:
  • Draft letter to EMS Directors
  • Date: June 1st
  • Social Media, email
  • Certificate of Appreciation
  • Pediatric Scenario & Skills Manual
  • Distribution
  • PM 03 to include skills competency sheet
  • Distribute Pediatric Scenario book – PM 03
  • Assessment/Survey
  • January – March 2020

Designated PECC


Scott Christensen

Patient Care EMS

Katheryn Benton

Missouri Valley Ambulance

Maynard J Knoechne

Kimball Ambulance

Anthony Beaty

Wall Ambulance

BJ Stiefvater

McCook County EMS

Mac Young

Mitchell Fire Dept

Tabitha Willman

Jerauld County Ambulance

Tony Klunder

Vermillion Fire & EMS

Kelcey Hanson

American Medical Response

Sherry Hocking

Butte County Ambulance-Newell

Kacie Turbiville

Harding County Ambulance

Laurie Prichard

Kadoka Ambulance Service

Mary Grassrope

Rosebud Ambulance Serivce

Kirsten Kirsch

Belle Fourche Ambulance

Ruth Airheart

Custer Ambulance Service

Eric Kovach

Midwest Medical - Aberdeer

Tami Hotz

Burke Ambulance Serivce

Teresa Thomas


Nicole Neugebauer

Douglas County -Armour

Shawn Fischer

Sturgis Ambulance

Chris Mikkelsen

Hurley Ambulance

Rhonda Martsamas

Oelrichs Ambulance Service

Tim Ripley

Hot Springs

Kelsey Holien

Ipswich Ambulance

Melissa Davis

Plankinton Ambulance

Brett Smith

Lower Brule Ambulance

Teresa Pomrenke

White Ambulance Service

Wendy Block

Lemmon EMT Association

Amy Marsh

Sioux Falls Fire Rescue

Mariah Mougey

Aberdeen Fire & Rescue

  • Emergency School Guidelines
  • Guideline books are being updated.  BLS response to opioids have been added.  Jean McHale will be going to SD State School Nurses Conference and will take the resource book.  The focus of the conference will be opioid overdose in school age children.  200 copies of the guide are being printed.  Jean will be taking 70 copies.  EMS-C will be able to send out a PDF of the guide (and will send it to board) and can also post a link to the guide so it can be accessed on-line. 
  • Rebecca Baird has a list of schools in the state that includes contact information for superintendents.  She will provide the information to Corolla Lauck for potential contact.
  • Jean McHale will also be taking copies of the emoji based communications needs resource to the conference to share.
  • Lynn DeYoung will be joining her to discuss stop the bleed. 

  • Office of Highway Safety  
  • Third quarter progress report are completed and we are up to date on our billing. 
  • Diane Hall is working on a call to artists for the “Protected Not Ejected” campaign.  This is the third annual call to artists for ‘art with a message’.  Diane is also working with the ‘It’s Not Fine until their 4 foot 9’ campaign.
  • EMS-C put in for an increase in funds for this year.  Currently waiting to hear back on funding.

  • HRSA Grant
  • There is room for an additional attendee to the HRSA grantee meeting in August.  If anyone is interested in attending, contact Corolla Lauck
  • All Grantee meeting in August
  • Progress report completed
  • No carry-over funds
  • House of Representatives passed bill for 2020  6/26/2019
  • https://www.congress.gov/bill/116th-congress/senate-bill/1173/all-actions

  • ENA
  • Karla Nygren reported that 165 nurses attended ENA day on the Hill in DC.  5 representatives were from SD.  They were able to meet with Senators Thune and Johnson’s offices.  This was an opportunity to focus on the needs of the rural communities. 
  • Action alerts have been sent to ENA members so they can add comment and forward messages along to their states ’representatives in support to the bill.  Additionally, social media messages have been developed for Facebook and Twitter.  Letters of support have been delivered to member of both the House and Senate.
  • President of ENA -Dr. Patti Howard appeared before the House committee to testify in support of the EMSC Reauthorization Act. 
  • National Pediatric Readiness Project –
  • 6/11/2019 and 7/23/2019
  • Assessment: June – August 2020
  • Pediatric Emergency Care Coordinator
  • Promote in ED’s
  • Description of role

  • Health Care Coalition/Preparedness Program
  • The SD Healthcare Coalitions are entering into a 5 year funding cycle.  Each year of the funding cycle will have a focus and the focus for the 2019-2020 year is pediatrics.  Members of the South Dakota Health Care Coalition will spend the year looking at trainings, exercises and resources that focus on pediatrics.  Corolla Lauck is working with the Coalition to help them meet requirements of the grant.

  • Reports from Advisory Board 
  • Rebecca Baird - Trauma conference September 10/11.  It will be held in Rapid City this year.  The focus of the conference will include the trauma registry, case review, etc. 
  • The registry is going through an update that will include a data dictionary for the state. 
  • Corolla Lauck  is hoping that trauma categories can correlate with ages. 
  • Marty Link requests that it be a simple screening tool. 
  • Is there a need for more education on the pediatric assessment triangle?
  • Rebecca suggested that Corolla and Dr. Rykman draft changes and send to her and Marty for review.
  • Corolla will be going out to help teach pediatric readiness assessments. 
  • There will also be information shared on Broselow tapes and how to help DON’s teach the use of the tool.
  • Jean McHale – working on revising the curriculum for Unlicensed Medical Aids. 
  • They are regulated by the Board of Nursing. 
  • They are focusing on school nurse tract or nursing home tract. 
  • ABC-SD – Board members met and are looking at grant opportunities.  Jean has contacted Deb Soholt re: a referendum to gain funding and support at the legislative level to support pediatric EMS projects.
  • Project Special Needs (modeled after Project Austin) – the project is in the process of getting up and going. 
  • We are looking at developing an app to allow for pediatric special needs registration
  • Also looking at education for pediatric special needs responses for ambulance/EDs. 
  • Rachel Lamfers reported that the 9-1-1 center meeting went well.  Metro has the ability to flag notes for special needs w/i the city of Sioux Falls.  This may not be consistent across the state. 
  • Marty Link –
  • Visioning group is continuing to work at looking at EMS in 2040. 
  • Working on a community leader brochure for city leaders to share information on EMS cost, sustainability, etc. 
  • Naloxone project – they are exploring OD Map options for the state.  State is looking at how to get data entered into the system (by data dump).
  •  Cardiac Ready Communities – promoting CPR, healthy lifestyles, AED in the community.  Pilot projects are underway in Kimball and Armour
  • Next big project – Helmsley trust has approached state to do an AED/police roll out.  Looking at a start date of September and with a heavy lift to get AEDs (1,200) out before the end of the year.  If law enforcement has AEDs already they can gift them to the community based on need. 
  • Naloxone in the Schools – high schools can carry and use Naloxone (so will need to train school officials and give them the naloxone).  Marty will present at school board administrators council to introduce the medicine and how to get it.  Then there will be a webinar for on-demand training.  The program will not extend to elementary and middle school due to limitations of funds.  Hoping to get meds in every high school.  Schools will have to go through state training or an equivalent.  Schools will sign a form from a pharmaceutical company and then they will get 2 free doses.  If schools need additional doses the state will help provide it.  There is a draft letter and policy for schools to use so the project can just easily get put into place. 
  • Several classes of mental health first aid classes – went well and if there is more funding more classes could be done.
  • Sioux Falls Fire Rescue and Oglala Sioux Air are now EMS licensed services in the state.

  • EMS Voluntary Pediatric Readiness Recognition 
  • Corolla Lauck introduced the program to the Advisory Board
  • Focus:  PM 01, 02, 03, 04, 05, national equipment standards – see page 6 of the application packet for the requirements
  • Goal: 5 EMS agencies to pilot the program
  • Recognition term – 2 years (to align with the ambulance licensing process).  Original terms of award will be set to coordinate with ambulance inspection.
  • Award recognition
  • EMS Conference 2019
  • EMS Week 2020
  • This program has been sent out to 5 organizations to pilot test it.  We have received 4 back
  • Kimball - approved pending receipt of the equipment checklist
  • Armour/Douglas County  - approved
  • Sturgis – approved pending medical director signature on competency page
  • Black Hills Life Flight - approved
  • We will modify the list of required equipment to reflect equipment that is options (national recommendations vs. state requirements and items not used by flight programs) .
  • In the future the Board has authorized Corolla to approve all applications that meet the criteria of the applications.

Respectfully submitted:  Sandy Frentz