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I Choose
The new I Choose program is a tool used to teach South Dakota teens the choices they have when it comes to Impaired Driving. South Dakota laws teach us what will happen when we choose to drive under the influence of drugs, like alcohol. As educators we also need to show students they have choices and how to help them have a plan when the situation arises. From interactive games, South Dakota laws, having a plan and being prepared with a designated driver, the I Choose program with help teach about impaired driving. The one-of-a-kind 3D style glasses help create how students vision may be impacted when the brain is impaired. The booklet is a short 10 page interactive booklet that helps guide the conversation. A static cling puzzle helps show how hand and eye coordination is diminished when the brain is impaired. Lastly, the students sign a commitment card taking the commitment to not drive impaired. Anyone is able to teach this class. The I Choose program can be peer taught or adult educators.