85 EMS Agencies are Champions for Kids!

11 Mar

South Dakota EMS agencies ran nearly 7,000 pediatric calls last year for children ≤18 years of age. Pediatric encounters may only be 13% or less of your call volume, however, when we are caring for a critically ill or injured child these calls are extremely stressful.

85 EMS agencies recognize the importance of being prepared to care for the kids in their community and surrounding areas.

Each agency designated an individual(s) who accepted the role of a Pediatric Emergency Care Champion (PECC). Each PECC received a certificate and our Pediatric Skills and Scenario guidelines/manual. The manual has 20 plus scenarios for training, and other resources to include; safe transport, radio reports, skills validations and other resources.

The role of a PECC is diverse and you may serve one or more of these responsibilities by overseeing pediatric specific;

  • equipment, supplies and medications
  • safety and injury prevention programs
  • protocol development and review
  • case reviews, QI/QA
  • liaison with hospital outreach
  • pediatric education/training/skills validations

Your service may have outside resources for pediatric education/training, however, you fulfill this role if you are; stocking and ordering equipment/supplies, organizing community outreach safety and injury prevention programs and various other tasks.

Become a champion for pediatrics today! 


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